Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Time Zone : The confusion

Recently I read an article in a news paper about having two time zones for India and the reason for it is saving the electricity. I was amazed by the article. So how does two time zones save the electricity? Here is the answer : if there are two time zones the peak hour for the use of electricity will be divided across 2 zones and this considerably decreases the heat dissipation in the transfer grids and the power is saved.
If the power is saved well and good its an awesome idea but wat about the confusion that prevails by having two time zones in a country like India ? How can our 1 billion people adjust to this when we have followed single standard timings for the last five decades? Well the advantages are far more  than the advantages.
Well the BCCI arranges Cricket matches in India and follows the sun not the time that is the match starts at 10 a.m in Mumbai and 9 a.m in Calcutta! So why does the government lack such thinking and has uniform timings especially for the schools? Dont you think BCCI has grown to the present heights due to its thinking and remember its the richest cricketing body in India. Probably its a simple groundsmen thinking that the match should start early in Calcutta because the light wanes of early there but these simple things matter.

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