Friday, July 19, 2019

File ITR-2 if you are a company director

FY 2018-2019/ Assessment year 2019-2020
File ITR-2 for your income tax returns if you are a director of the company. According to this cleartax article, it is clear that director's of a company needs to file this ITR-2 form.
More, more and more paper work
Sweat the individuals more and more so that they do not cheat the system. I do not in my opinion think that this is ever going to help the economy. But instead why not simplify it. Why have so many filings to MoCA, and same filings to IT department. The MoCA has director's DIN and PAN. Why not autofill it in the ITR form. Why so many forms? Youtube videos guiding us which ITR form to fill gets tons of views. Why not make it easier for taxpayers to file returns.
Well it is a kind of rant. The process should be simplified 1000 times. Automated at 100 levels. Automatically fill up details like how TRACES works for TDS. When are we going to see this happen ?

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Did this random thing in procreate ...

The learning from the audiobook I am listening to ...
Can I crack the illustration world.
The parrot that I wrote by seeing the chart...
I still remember that I loved my art a lot but none cared. Is it a creation bias ? Nah I had an unique talent. The following picture proves. Yes!!! I have become hilarious with age !!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

If you start enjoying the journey...

No I have not yet reached the absolute bliss phase yet. I still yearn for some destinations; but I have started enjoying the journey for sure.
Throwing the hat on cliff 
I still remember the day when I made this decision. I had written on a paper that I must quit to face my fears. Had to regret that decision multiple times. But what a journey after that. I saw the life, the utter despair, regret. Sometimes you live through them to emerge stronger.
The unexpected timing advantage
Things changed but rather slowly. May be I was not aggressive enough to catch that. But some things like Instagram marketing channel discovery occured at the exact pace.
Future: scaling the heights
I am at this juncture where I need to be more aggressive than ever. May be I need to be 100x aggressive. Let me see how things unfold from here...

Throwback: amazed that I was the author of some of these posts

I was going through some of my previous posts especially related to politics. I am amazed that I was authoring these posts. Number of posts related to politics had crossed 100.
Some of the posts where I made some prediction is coming true. I wonder how far I have moved away from following Indian politics. Contemplating whether I should write again on it. May be a crisp short blog sometime.

Losers give excuses; winners progress

Losers give excuses; winners progress
What a wonderful quote I heard today. I heard this from audible audiobook No excuses: The power of Self-discipline by Brain Tracy.
Hope I would be getting more such gems from this book.
I have to work a lot at improving my self-discipline. I am hoping that I take measures to achieve that. Will be posting more often now...

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Life = thinking is my blog's name !!!

I recently stumbled upon my own blog. I was amazed that I used to write a blog. Especially the politics related post. Off late, I have stopped posting any new things. But why not begin again?
I have come a long way now ...
The entrepreneur in me awaits a pen to share the exercise. Ahh !!! It could be only keystrokes !!!
And it could be amazing or boring too...
I was always shy of promoting my blog to my acquaintances/ friends. The primary reason was my blog did not address any particular niche. It was a scrambling of things that I was doing in tech/ reading about politics and many other things. Probably, one of my friend did question the intent of the blog.
I was more comfortable getting viewers from search sites. They would just get that piece of info and leave. There was no other incentive for them to come back. My only monetization was Adsense that I had set up.
So what did this blog achieve in my life. I received my first check from Google Adsense. Real money from internet. I have experimented with plenty of other things; some of them are hilariously spam kind of stuff too. And once tried to team up with a friend to create a ponzy scheme albiet an ethical one. Sounds confusing right? Yeah my journey is and always been confusing. And it will continue to do so.
P.S: Do not follow me in this blog. This blog will never have any niche. If you come here looking for something, do get that info and leave. I will continue with my tryst with destiny. (P.P.S: I wanted to say "I will continue with my confused and unrelated topics".
Signing off for now. Bye
Dr. Nishith R S
Founder Scoopmed  

Relationship between sleep and memory/ learning

I was always amazed at the relationship between sleep and memory/ learning. A good quality sleep always induced a sense of clarity in me. Some hectic days, my brain was processing a lot of information. Those were the days when I used to read a ton of things for my medical examinations.
Those processing during sleep: was my brain processing information into long term memory?
Most probably it is true. Even the present research concludes that a good quality sleep enhances long term memory and learning. Today I just stumbled upon this TedEx video in Youtube. Hope you will all enjoy this. Cheers.

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