Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yediyurrapa CM Post : Key is Siddaramaya

Yediyurappa is all set to become chief minister again after serving 7 days in the T-20 government, now the big question is who is the reason behind his success?
According to me its the Siddaramaya, who was Deputy CM and finance minister in Congress-JD(S) lead alliance before the T-20 format of BJP-JD(S) came into existence. Here are the facts
Siddaramaya was ousted out of the JD(S) and M.P.Prakash was made the DCM during the end of congress JD coalition rule and Devegowda was very much irritated with the Congress when they formed alliance with Siddaramaya in old Mysore region to gain power in some local bodies.This move was seen by Gowda as an attempt to increase factionalism in his party by the Congress.This prompted Kumarswamy to join hands with BJP and became CM. Though in the beggining the DG was reluctant to accept the Government formed, later blessed it and eventually it was known to everyone that he was the real director of the film.
So after 20 months the power was not handed over to Yediyurappa, and the Congress were talking with Prakash about forming Government. It was the movement when Prakash met the Gowda's arch rival Siddaramaya that Kumarswamy reverted back and handed over power back to Yediyurappa and the rest is all history.
And now when the polls are over and the BJP settled at number that was 3 short of majority, 3 independents who are the loyalists of the Siddaramaya demanded the Congress to make Siddhu as CM candidate and they will support Congress. But how can ever Congress succumb to such pressure and now all the Independents are with BJP.
So every move the Siddaramaya makes its the advantage Yediyurappa. After taking Oath as CM the one man he should not forget thanking is of course Siddaramaya

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