Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nuclear or non nuclear power

The Indo US nuclear deal is under fire by CPI, they are eying it as a mask for deeper and dependent relationship with US. I think they wanted the same with the China and they would be happier than any other political party but China is our dreadly neighbor, they want North Western India and they are upto anything for that. They have grown much stronger than India in military arsenal after the Indo China war. Power crisis in India is very much indeed an important issue which is going to show its presence in the near future and even common man will have a heat of it. But the Congress is pressing hard for the deal and saying it would solve the power crisis. So they are somewhat ready to risk the government for that. But is this all the truth? There could be a hidden agenda in it but remember the deal will allow Indian Government to buy nuclear related commodities to a tune of 40billion$.

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