Thursday, July 31, 2008

Origin of bluetooth and its logo

Bluetooth was named after a tenth-century king, Harald Bluetooth, King of Denmark and Norway. Bluetooth is an anglicized version of Harald Blaatand, who was known for his unification of previously warring tribes from Denmark (including now Swedish Scania, where the Bluetooth technology was invented), and Norway. Bluetooth likewise was intended to unify different technologies, such as personal computers and mobile phones.

The name may have been inspired less by the historical Harald than the loose interpretation of him in The Long Ships by Frans Gunnar Bengtsson, a Swedish Viking-inspired novel.

The Bluetooth logo merges the Germanic runes analogous to the modern Latin letter H and B: (for Harald Bluetooth) (Hagall) and (Berkanan) merged together, forming a bind rune.and the finally the logo became

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