Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BJP = Congress - Saffron

When two opposite parties can come together in Gerrmany and rule for the interest of the nation. Why cannot it happen in India ? Why cant both of the parties come together? The equation is so simple between the two parties.
  • have liberal polices towards economy so no dragging of polices
  • have same attitude towards US and ISRAEL and wants better coordination with these countries
  • people from either parties keep jumping "on and on"; so ideology can be diluted on both sides
So whats wrong in forming government together for the betterment of their own parties rather than walking on knife edge with regional parties. So can we hope for this after 2009 elections
P.M - Manmohan Singh*
D.P.M - L.K.Advani*
H.M-Narendra Modi
F.M-Chidambaram and so on ..............
*interchangeable at half term

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