Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Catching the winner's tail

Elections are over and the results are declared. With a clean sweep by the UPA, the major problem that it faces is the plenty of support it is getting from the unexpected quarters. BSP which till yesterday was crying aloud that both the national parties has ruined the country; now takes aU-turn and wants to give support to the center to work together for a secular state. SP being irritated by the move is crying foul and terming it as opportunistic move and has even ready to give letters of support to the president. While the congress is watching all the games quietly, it just needs to do only one simple thing to remain in the power that is to ensure these parties never flock together under single stage. Considering the demography of smaller parties, it is highly impossible for such a move but who knows what all can happen as our PM rightly said politics is the art of possibility .....

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