Thursday, February 4, 2010

1k Cr. Chalta hai yar..!

Chalta hai attitude has reached such a epidemic proportion in the post liberalised India that they have also become too much liberalised in there thoughts about the scams.
Remember the bofors scandal which had brought down a government. Now not even thousand crores of scam can bring the government down.
The tainted ministers still continue to hold the cabinet position and defend their position. And of course , they are innocent until they are proven guilty. But the fact is they will never be proven guilty.
Who will investigate them ? No independent investigation agency is existing which can handle such high profile scams. Every agency is remote controlled by the people in the corridors of power. We need to check the menace . Atleast creating an independent agency with full authority creates the shivering in the mind of these people. We need a liberalised economy , but not so liberalised that it becomes counter productive for us . Is our liberal pm thinking how much liberal thinking is acceptable to our scenario ?

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