Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blood gas partition co-efficient : A good illustration

Imagine a container in which there is 1 litre of blood exposed to an atmosphere of Isoflurane. As you would expect a certain amount of Isoflurane will dissolve into the blood. When this equilibrates 1.14 litres of the Isoflurane has entered the blood. If the atmosphere were Nitrous Oxide then 0.47 litres would have dissolved, if it were Ether - 12 litres. The amount that dissolves is related to the Ostwald solubility coefficient for that substance, and, for blood it is known as the blood-gas partition coefficient.


dr.kicha pallad said...

so , blood gas coefficient is nothin but SOLUBLITY OF GAS , higher the value lower the onset of action of particular gas , and which inhalational anaesh has got highest blood -gas coffi value ? ?

Nish said...

I think ether

Anonymous said...

higher the blood-gas partition coefficient slower ,induction and recovery.

Rahul said...

Very good explanation. You may also want to add that the higher the blood-gas partition coefficient, the slower the action.

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