Thursday, August 11, 2011

Apple drowns Oil company to become the most valuable company in US

In the changing economic conditions, the Ipads made by Apple seems to be more smart than the Oil production by Exxon Mobil; which was until recently crowned as the most valuable company in US, but dumped by Apple today.
Apple finished with a market value of $337 billion versus Exon's $331 billion. Apple might hold on to this position for a longer time in the near future. This is because the innovations that is going to happen in the field of smartphones, tablets will be centered around Apple. And Apple as of now commands only one fifth of the market in smartphones and a little more in tablets arena. The prospective for future growth is phenomenal compared to the energy field. With the rumors of Apple 5G slated to release around September, the hopes on the investor's will be trading high.
It now seems that the world is flattened and the people want to be stay connected through high end gadgets like Iphone and Ipad rather than spend energy(oil) to travel .

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