Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BAIDU's own mobile OS Yi

Chinese search engine gaint BAIDU is preparing to launch its own mobile OS Yi. The features that might be included are
  • Mapping service akin to google earth
  • In built book reader
  • Music service
  • Cloud service
Now this may look like the combi offer of iOS and Android OS. Considering the vast and rapidly developing Chinese market, this might look like a killer. But it is not at all easy to write off the iOS and android OS because of the great ecosystem they have built around them. But one thing is sure that the mobile OS war is getting more intense day by day. Yesterday Google acquired motorola mobility, today baidu announced new mobile OS and tomorrow there might be new alignment. Speculations are rife that baidu is aligning with dell for its new OS. Battle lines are being drawn clearly and the war becomes more and more interesting as the world becomes more and more smart and lean with the advent of new smartphones and tablets. smart and lean only in terms of tablets.

It would be interesting to see whether the Chinese dragon Baidu can fire the android out. A very interesting battle between a global search engine giant Google and a regional search engine giant Baidu locking horns at each other. The time and innovation decides the winner.

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