Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bajaj RE 60 - Can it be the game changer ???

Bajaj has announced the launch of low cost car RE 60 with the following specifications 
40 km per litre
60 gm per km of CO2 emission
Maximum speed of 70km per hour
800CC DTSI Engine 
Though the price is still undisclosed, the features makes this car an unique one. 

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Rajeev said...

Niche marketing, don't judge by its colour and out look. If you are a car owner and comparing this with flashy cars around the world than you don't see any logic of its ordinary look. Think out of the box and put your self in place where you have a desire to have 4 wheels and tiered of travelling in 3 wheels. Market has over 300 million who thinks other side than having and expensive cars. At a typical Bajaj auto dealerships, I have witnessed a customer putting all his lifetime savings to have a 2 wheeler. I am sure Rajiv Bajaj has all those stats in his mind before launching this product. Good Luck BAL.

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