Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ducu, Stuxnet, Flames : Cyber wars

The dimensions of waging a war has changed. The era of cyber war has begun. Duqu, stuxnet and  flame malwares are capable of doing what a full fledged war cannot do in a swift and unrecognised way.
According to researchers at kaspersky duqu was essentially designed to copy blueprints of Iranian nuclear technology. Stuxnet was specifically designed to attack control systems and take the centrifuge systems out of control. The recent flames malware is reportedle infected thousands of computer which is capable of erasing hard disc memories, connect to bluetooth devices, switch on microphones. The most interesting fact of flame is this malware has gone undetected despite having a considerable size of 20 MB.
Does this malwares does any real harm? The stuxnet malware was capable of bringing down about one fifth of Iranian centrifuges.Although the exact damage of these malwares cannot be quantified, these cyber wars have begun lately to be a part of the modern warfare. And every country should be prepared to live up to it.  

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