Monday, September 17, 2012

The dilemma of Apple

Once they showed the consumers what the purity of design is. They believed the consumers didn't know what to afford till they have the product in their hand. They delivered great devices which were never heard of before. The sales soared and they ultimately became the most valuable company. But the iPhone 5 which is released recently seems like a tailor made design adjustments to suit consumer needs. There are turns of android devices which are offering bigger and larger and crispier screens in the market. Has the apple finally let the competition take the upper hand and let the innovation take the back seat.
There are two ways to dominate the market. Either compete intensely with the existing players or innovate and dominate a new area. The apple followed the later strategy until now. But the times have changed. With the mentor Jobs out of place will Apple continue to dominate the smartphone and tablet industry ? Vote your views in the poll ...

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