Thursday, October 4, 2012

In case you missed the Modi - Sibal saga

Mr.Modi: Where is Aakash ? Still in sky ? Why have u not met the deadlines on that tablet ?
Mr.Sibal:"Woh toh paataal mein rahte hain, humne unke haath mein aakash de diya hai. (He lives in the netherworld; I have put the sky in his hands.)"
Mr.Sibal sent two tablets through an officer but Modi doesn't receive it as he is out of station.
Mr.Modi tweets : Instead of cheap gimmicks, the minister should first inform the nation on his promise to provide Aakash tablet to 10 lakh youth in 2011
Mr.Sibal : This shows the attitude of him . He doesn't want education in Gujarat. ( I wonder how two Aakash tablets determine educational status of Gujarat)
Mr.Modi :  "When I asked why Aakash still wasn't given to students, he was saddened by it and said he will send me the Aakash tablet. Why is he trying to bribe me? "
Mr.Sibal : "He can return the tablets,"
In the mean time Sibal wants Modi to change his name to virodhi for just opposing the delay in supply of tablets...

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