Thursday, January 3, 2013

WhatsApp's mind wobbling stats

New Year's Eve had made WhatsApp break one of the records; of course it is its own. The total number of messages reached a whooping 18 billion on that day. 11 billion outgoing and 7 billion incoming messages.
Concerns regarding the safety
Ever wondered how much safe is the messages sent over WhatsApp? Nobody knows exactly the answer for this. There have been many security issues particularly of hacking. But people are not yet ready to buy that argument and the above numbers are the indication of that.
Monetization or taking over : death recipe ?
WhatsApp has been in the radar list of Facebook and likes because of the above numbers. But all that is there are about rumors. What would happen if the whats app want to monetize this huge communication? Billions; instead of turning into trillions may plummet into millions.

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