Monday, May 20, 2013

Tips to avoid spaming and phishing

The technology at its peak can take anyone to a fake website and get all accounting details. The endpoint will usually be a massive transaction which will only be detected a bit too late. Here are the few steps one should follow to avoid them
A really strong password 
The password should be so strong that it should be a bit difficult to remember for self also. It should contain all the confusing signs like $,! * and others.
Online transaction : Look for HTTPS 
So never forget to see that extra "s" in the address bar especially during online transactions. "S" here stands for secure network.
Status check
Checking about the authenticity of the website, specially when you are trying out the e-commerce websites for the first time. There are several websites which boasts of goods at amazingly low rates. But beware they may never be traced once you loose money with them.
Be careful and check the source of the website with many online services like before finishing the transaction.

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