Friday, May 31, 2013

Windows 8.1 is here : Features and upgrades

The Microsoft's new OS release was criticized mainly for it's cumbersome user experience. While the major upgrade "blue" is a long way to go, the Microsoft has released 8.1 free upgrade; much to the delight of the users. 
Major features and upgrades

The logo that we all loved 
Windows logo to be anchored in the lower left corner. Users will also be able to ensure their favorite applications, including Word and Excel, appear in a horizontal tool bar next to the Windows logo. Ultimately Microsoft ensures that the logo returned albeit in a much smaller way.
Ubiquitous search
Drag the screen from right
Type in the search menu
Get everything related to search item  ; like the universal search for iOS and android (patent wars might extend here !!!)

Better sky drive integration

The clouds are coming and Microsoft also wants the pie of the rains. The upgrade to integration is one step further in that direction.
Confused with windows 8???
You will be having a tile labelled "helps and tips" in the middle of start up screen.

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