Monday, June 17, 2013

TRAI updates new roaming tariffs effective from July 1

Outgoing local call charges : capped at Rs. 1.00 per minute from Rs. 1.40 earlier
Outgoing STD charges : capped to Rs. 1.50 from Rs.2.40 per minute earlier.

Incoming call : capped from Rs. 1.75 per minute to 75 paise per minute.

Outgoing local SMS : Rs. 1.00, Outgoing STD SMS : Rs. 1.50.
Incoming SMS : free

Free roaming which ensures no additional roaming charges has not been favoured as of now. The sole reason for this is that the loss in roaming revenue will be passed on to the customers irrespective of their roaming status. TRAI has decided as of now, the roaming charges has to be applied only to the roamers either as a fixed subscription or with a cap of above charges.

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