Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"41 million reasons" to tune in to the event

Nokia's event in Newyork promises  "41 million reasons" to tune in to the event. The 41 number might be pointing towards the 41 Megapixel camera which Nokia had already featured on its Pureview mobiles. The next flagship mobiles are expected to be equipped with this higher MP camera with Carl zeiss optics.
Too slow to compete?
The smartphones are racing ahead. Nokia seems to be lagging behind in this race. The 41 million reasons could have been added to lumia 920 series and advertised as an USP. Now as the high end cameras crawl into the smartphones of every other companies, the competition is enormous. Though 41 MP is still far ahead of the 13MP offered by the latest Samsung's Galaxy S4, Nokia might lose it out if they are not projecting it aggressively. Whether the slow and steady approach currently followed by Nokia will help it in long run? The cut throat competition will eventually force it into some harsh decisions if they are too slow.

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