Tuesday, August 13, 2013

MOOC and Flipped classrooms...

MOOC(Massively open online courses) is a highly ambitious project of delivering free courses to masses. The courses are up and running but the real problem is they are unable to monetize it substantially. This may ultimately lead to fading of such courses because of lack of sustainability.  The likes of udacity and coursera which boosted of high quality teaching programme on its platform has however begin to loose some amount of sheen.
Flipped classroom : The way forward
A concept where the teaching is done through videos from coursera or udacity, and the teacher's objective is to interact with students.  This concept could be the way ahead for MOOCs.
Flipped classroom ensures adequate participation of students in the course.
Looking eastwards ...
And both MOOCs and flipped classrooms may find a massive untapped market. The lack of infrastructure coupled with poor education system provides the best opportunity. An appropriate pricing and a flexible approach might be a win-win situation.

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