Monday, May 9, 2016

5 Zen teachings that can influence the way you do things.

1. Drop the effort
Try to make something perfect and it will remain imperfect. Drop the effort and make it as naturally as possible. Doing too much is akin to destroying.
2. Drop the ego
By dropping ego, you are dropping all failure, frustrations, defeat. Carry it and you are doomed for all the negative consequences. Ego is just a false consciousness of the self. Remove the falseness and you become divine.
3. Be spontaneous
Be spontaneous and live with intensity. There is no meaning living for the past nor for the future. It's the present moment that counts a lot. Live for it and savour everything the present provides.
4. Embrace the uncertainty
Life is more than logic; if it was logically predictable then there would be no fun. Life is a paradox with many uncertain mysterious moments. Embrace them and enjoy it.
5. Creativity is a being
Creativity doesn't mean that you are creating something and becoming a great artist. Creativity can occur in all the minute things you do in your life. It's a continuous activity.

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