Thursday, December 29, 2016

[Book review] Sprint: Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas In Just Five days

A must read for all the entrepreneurs. Well, it's an understatement. It's a must read for all who deals with products in any manner.
Sprint: Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas In Just Five days.  The book can change the way you look at product development.

Listening to the customers
The main gist of Sprint process is listening to the customers early in the product development. The book has many practical ideas and illustrations on how to do that. I was impressed by the story of listening by Airbnb co-founders.
Ideation and creating a prototype
This forms the basis of the Sprint process. The step-by-step guide on how to do it and how much time to allocate for each process is well outlined. Identifying the problems by breaking the process into smaller units is well illustrated with real world examples.
Interviewing the customer
Obtaining feedback for the prototype by interviewing the customers will be the most important process that many often ignore. I like the way the process is illustrated and the interviewing tips are also relevant to real world scenario.
And I didn't find any negatives at all with this book, do comment here if you find one.
P.S: You may not be the target audience if you feel like you have wasted your time on this book. Go buy this book and it will be worth it ...

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