Thursday, December 1, 2016

Phubbing: The root is the addiction

Phubbing or “phone snubbing” is engaging with your phone in the company of others. 
I have seen it, done it, used it, offended by it and what not all. It's part of our life now. 
But why do we do it...? Isn't it harmful to sacrifice real life communications? Are we causing self inflicting injuries as seen in some addictions? 

Beating the addiction with the same weapon ;) 
That low tone calling from your smartphone demanding your attention; 
Will you oblige or will you let it go off. 
Will you lose focus and get into it. 
Will you ever be able to come out of this loop ? 
Try dealing with it; make peace with it. Have focus sessions. Use apps in your smartphones to schedule focus sessions. Beat the smartphones in it's own game. 
Try resisting it and it gets more intense on you and it will make mad out of you. 

Focus keeper for iOS is one such app that I use in my smartphone to beat my somewhat ill defined smartphone addiction ;) Try it out if you're addicted... 

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