Thursday, July 27, 2017

[Book review]: Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith

Triggers is a book that actually triggers your thinking toward a new dimension of approaching a goal.

The gist is very simple and straightforward
"Many times we fail because we are too much goal or target oriented, but that can be over come by changing the focus to effort"
Changing the question from "was I happy today?"to "did I put my maximum effort to be happy today?"
Such type of approach can be applied to many aspects of professional and personal life.
The author gives numerous practical suggestions and illustrations on how this approach works.
The concept of daily questions elaborated in the book are a great way to change behaviour and make it permanent. After reading about it, I already have daily questions now. I don't see any reason why anyone will not have a similar daily questions once they finish reading this book.

Why you have to read this book ?

  • If you are struggling to start a new habit or maintain it, this is the best book on the shelf.
  • An intense depth is provided on psychological aspect of behaviour change with practical illustrations.
  • Anyone can read this book even those who doesn't want behavioural change. You might find something which needs to be changed once you start reading this book.

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