Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lyrics in your mobile

This is for Symbian S60 version 3 mobiles only
First download LCG Jukebox for ur mobile from here
And then follow these steps
1) Just go to any lyrics website from ur computer. Copy the lyrics of the song u want( No need to download it).
2) Paste into the notepad.
3) Save the file as extension “.LRC” . Save the file.
4)Transfer it to ur mobile with the help of cardreader or Bluetooth.
5) Move the lyrics file into the folder where the appropriate song is placed.(Thats imp. the “.LRC” file should be in the same folder of the song.)
6) And make sure on thing the file name of “.LRC” should be exactly same as the song file name. I mean if ur mp3 song name is “Song.mp3″ then the lyrics file should be “Song.lrc”.
7) Now open ur LCG Jukebox play the song. And jst click on #. Thats it.

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