Sunday, April 21, 2013

The mysterious Sir RJ

The mystery surrounding the origin of Sir to the all rounder Ravindra Jadeja was a worth googling one. But at the end, the mystery remains a mystic mystery. Nobody or no site fails to pinpoint the exact event leading to the knighthood. Some point towards T20 World Cup 2009's debacle as the reason. While others point to some other things. The pretty good! performance in the recent times have failed to diminish the fire and rather ignited the Sir in a more positive way though.
The Twitter and Facebook saga?
The Sir for RJ is quite an example on how the social media works today. They drive the discussions in their own way. There are no rules. The trending item goes viral in few seconds without much substantiation. No surprise, we will be seeing more hash tags like pappu, pheku and others trending regularly.

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Anonymous said...

I think , his styling attitude is disproportionate to his playing capability, thou he played awesome knock against AUS in test, overall he is not that impressive as other youngsters; SIR tag added sarcastically proved rite, when he had hit last ball to third man vs RCB,which was bowled as NO-BALL !!.wasnot fault of rp singh! but SIR RJ made pitch to move few yards forward,!! :) #respect SRJ..


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