Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1st virus not at all a joking virus

April 1st virus is indeed a threat and there is need to look and know about this joking virus.
The worm allows its creators to remotely install software on infected machines. What will that software do? We don’t know. Most likely the worm will be used to create a botnet that will be rented out to criminals who want to send SPAM, steal IDs and direct users to online scams and phishing sites.
The Downadup worm tries to take advantage of a problem with Windows (a vulnerability) called MS08-067 to quietly install itself. Users who automatically receive updates from Microsoft are already protected from this. The worm also tries to spread by copying itself into shared folders on networks and by infecting USB devices such as memory sticks.
So whats the solution ? If you have a original windows edition and if its updated until now you nedd not have to worry otherwise you need to have the top antivirus softwares protecting your computer.

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