Tuesday, April 21, 2009

National elections on local train

15th lokhsabha elections has commenced and 1/5th of the voters have already casted there previous vote!!!
How many of them have casted their vote considering the national issues in the mind ?
What are the national issues at present ?
Economic slowdown
Nuclear deal
Take a look at the farmer from an arrid land, does the above things mean anything to him? He wants roads, drinking water and electricity. Will he ever look into the national perspective while voting? And what does the average middle class people think, they are usually worried about price rise rather than about the security(until their kith and kin is affected) or nuke deal.
And the people without knowing what is their vote going to do fo them. Unfortunately these people constitutes the majority and decide who rules.
Local issues take the front seat, regional aspirations get top priority, and religion and caste ultimately rules the so called national elections.....

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