Friday, April 17, 2009

There are more Satyams here - This is Satya

Satyam CEO makes an effort to takeover the Maytas group;
The directors and shareholders ditches the offer;
CEO retaliates and ditches even the corpoarate, IT and Government's Image;
And this is termed as the great Satyam Scam;
What if takeover was there and everything was on the terms of CEO;
No Satyam Scam and Satyam would also be on the list of elite companies like Infosys;
The government appoints a new bench of directors and makes the way for smooth transition of company's sale, is it not a whole cover up of the issue ? The government is trying to cover up its fault in regulations by showing it to public that it has acted in at the right time and in the right direction.
How many more companies can be included in the list is a million dollar question? Where is the issue of investigating the Independent auditors?
Satyams ''asatyam" will be buried. The opportunity for having a more stricter regulation policy is lost.

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