Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beast.exe ; get rid of this executable spyware

The file name beast.exe is a .exe file extension.

.exe extensions indicate the file is an executable file that contains the code for a program.This beast.exe is a spyware and has to be removed either through a competant antivirus like kaspersky or by manual removal.

Beast 1.8 is one of RAT spywares.
Finding it on your computer means that your computer is infected with RAT and crucial data could be endangered or even lost.

This RAT is also known as:
Backdoor.BeastDoor.18 - named by Kaspersky.
Backdoor.BeastDoor.18.c - named by Kaspersky.
Backdoor/Ulysses.18.Server - named by Computer Associates.
Win32.Ulysses.18 - named by Computer Associates.
Win32/Beastdoor.18.C trojan - named by Eset.

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