Thursday, April 28, 2011

Layers of skin with illustration

Stratum basale or Stratum germinativum

· Basal cell layer situated adjacent to basal lamina

· Mitotic activity is intense

· Melanocytes- melanin synthesis

Stratum spinosum(prickle cell layer or stratum malphigii)

· Convoluted interdigitating profiles of keratinocytes – PRICKLE CELLS LINKED BY DESMOSOMES

· Langerhans cells – antigen presenting cells from bone marrow

· Merkels cells- Slow adopting mechanoreceptors sensitive to pressure

Stratum granulosum

· Flattened cells with pyknotic nuclei

· Surrounded by keratin precursor KERATOHYLIN- histidine rich protein or profilaggrin

Stratum lucidum

· Clear layer as it is homogenous and cell boundaries are indistinct

· Keratin precursor ELEIDIN

· Prominent in heavily keratinised skin such as glabrous skin

Stratum corneum

· Most superficial layer

· Multiple layers of flattened squamous cells

· Completely filled only with KERATIN


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