Saturday, April 27, 2013

3D Printing:technology at its best

3D Printers are on the way of becoming fact from fantasy. 3D printing more precisely “additive manufacturing” is preparing a solid object of plastic or some soft metals, polymers from digital model. Here, things are created using layers of various materials.
Appropriate 3D software is the backbone of this fascinating technology. After reading from the software, melted thermoplastic is extruded in very thin layers that obtain accurate shape with continuous hardening.
3D printing is an older technology. But the patents on the process expired in 2008 giving boost to innovation in this technology. It may be a dress, shoe, case of mobile, statue or even a 3D model of brain.3D printing is the sensation of this era. Evolution of this technology from infancy is showcasing wide spectrum of applications. In medical field creating more accurate prosthetics, various medical implants, dental implants, synthetic tissue are truly a boon.
At present there exist some limitations such as all materials cannot be used. But upcoming days will bring the solution for every drawback. As the technology emerges, issues will arise about quality of the product, illegal copying, and intellectual property etc. Hence, strong regulatory measures are required to control the misuse of this technology in any field.

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