Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blog, Twitter, Facebook is mightier than bombers, tankers & F-16s

"Pen is mightier than a sword" Now these words has become an old concept. The swords have been replaced by various modern weapons. The refined words will go like this-
"Blog, Twitter, Facebook is mightier than bombers, tankers & F-16s"
Is these twitter, facebook and many other micro blogging sites really such powerful? Infact it is true. The arab uprising, frequently termed as Jasmine revolution was fueled by the anger of people. This anger was propagated and organized into a full blown revolution through the help of these sites. Arab countries like Egypt, Libya has already seen its autocratic leaders going back to home after this revolution. Now autocratic rulers and communist leaders fears that the same fate might be waiting for them. The great dragon that is the China, fears a micro blogging site because it can convert the citizens anger against government turn into a revolution.
Indians has also recently tasted the success of anti-corruption movement, which was spearheaded by Anna Hazare combined with the power of micro blogging. This was even termed as India's own Arab uprising by many foreign media.

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