Friday, December 23, 2011

A tough Lokpal and a tough possibility

More than 60 years of Independence and decades of debate on this Ombudsmen bill has not yet turned into an actual law. The corruption has touched its peril. The economic reforms which was thought to bring in some kind of transparency because of more private involvement has not worked out in that way. This is mainly due to PPP- Private, Public, Politician involvement in almost all kind of projects involved. So there is increasing sophistication in which the politicians plunder the wealth due to the immense increase in the volume of economy and advanced technology. So now comes the basic question of why and how the same politicians pass the lokpal bill which will certainly land many of them in jails if it is implemented properly. And that is is the reason a tough lokpal is a tough possibility. The uprising of the middle class should be more wide in the upcoming days. The involvement of people from the villages might be the biggest boost for the current anti-corruption movement. So, is the team Anna listening?


Neha Sharma said...

Anna is misusing the Gandhian principles of taking to fast as a mode of protest. His fast protests have no meaning as fasting is his hobby. Anna is very ignorant, rustic, stubborn, ill-mannered, self-righteous and disrespectful. Ideas are completely misplaced.

How can govt surrender its roles and responsibilities to the fanatice puplic like Anna & team? How can we have people without being elected involve in debate and making laws? Anna & team are forcefully seeking this kind of jobs in the government.

Government must ensure public sanity and curtail Anna menace during this festive season of Christmas and New Year.

Nish said...

@Neha Sharma : Anna might be stubborn but he is stubborn to het the Lokpal bill. Is not the government stubborn ? They have not passed the bill for decades. No autonomy for investigating agencies and you know how CBI is used. And coming finally to the point in question about lokpal. We want a perfect anti-corruption reporting system and that is the need of the hour. You might be knowing how cases of corruption were exposed through RTI act but where is the prosecution. Only cases were exposed. Culprits were still free and living happy life and RTI activists were getting killed. Try to understand what our country needs at the moment. As a citizen of the country we can demand atleast a tough law from our representatives. And that too through peaceful way of protesting is always good. We need a corrupt free society and that is the need of the hour. Anna is the Silver Lining and supporting him is the only way visible right now.

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