Sunday, January 22, 2012

Enter the dragon : China

The most unprecedented growth, the infrastructure at it's best, an Olympic event that had stunned millions worldwide, and the portrayal as a superpower alternative to west. This had been the China in the previous decade or so.. In the years to come, China might be flexing others muscle by promoting trades in it's own currency, a tight fight over control of pivotal South China sea, a bigger role in every matter. But the only contrast here is it all depends only on a single man and his decisions. The present premier will be retiring in the coming days, the whole world will be watching the China as it transits to another leader. Rather they will be watching keenly the moves of it's new leader.  China will be celebrating the Lunar New Year or Spring festival  from tomorrow. The Chinese tradition allots a single animal for every 12 years. And this year the assigned animal is the "Dragon" - a composite of nine animals ; the snake, camel,elk,deer, muscle,carp,eagle tiger and ox. A fictitious animal portrayed like a snake with claws.  The next 12 years would definitely be crucial for China. Though it enters this new year with a bang, there are several issues that has to be addressed. An intellectually growing middle class is more aware now and might questions it's own government policies in the coming days. Whether this top-down process of high growth still work without much involvement of masses? Ultimately will the authoritarian style of working of Chinese politics survive.  As the Chinese takes on the powerful west, the west will certainly be hitting China at these weak areas. Will China be able to fire with it's dragon on others in the coming years or just crawl like a snake dealing with it's own problems ?

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