Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bloatware : The files behind slowing of android samrtphones

Is your android phone turning slower? It might be due to running of bloatwares in the backgrounds.
What is bloatware?
Android is an open source OS for smartphones and tablets. The manufacturers install many applications before they release the finished OS for updates.
Behind the screen bloatware linked to slower performance of android ?
Whether you are using it or not many of these bloatwares use up the RAM making your OS slow.
Initially fast but deteriorated gradually ?
Initially, only the pre-installed bloatwares will be running in the background and there is lot of RAM left for faster performance. As other applications are installed by the users, additional RAM will be used by many of them to run in the background. Ultimately the performance suffers.
Any remedy ?
Kill the bloatwares? Seems a bit risky because they have system files. Here is a link which guides on what to do with them.

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