Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Finally Apple enters the competition...

With the launch of iPad mini, the Cupertino based Apple has finally signaled that it is taking on the competition in the 7" tablet markets. The launch of this tablet was leaked well before it was officially released. But finally confirmed officially by the company yesterday. Apple has infact by launching this mini counterpart of iPad has given into the competition and customer needs rather than innovating and creating a whole new great product. The present iPad mini will no doubt generate huge orders in this holiday quarter but it marks the beginning of the cut throat competition especially in the 7" segment. Earlier Apple used to believe that customers do not know what to buy and the company created great products which became an instantaneous hits. But now Apple has reversed down and creating products which the consumers would like to have. Where does Apple go from here? Will it survive the competition in spite of aggressive pricing and offers from Google and Amazon tablets? The iPad mini could well be the product which can predict whether Apple can survive with focusing less on innovation. And finally survive in the post Steve jobs era for a longer period. Vote your thoughts...

iPad mini specifications

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