Sunday, December 23, 2012

Facebook's desperate attempts for monopoly

Born in the dorm
Facebook, initially born in the dorm of Mark now wants to monopolise the social interactions that is happening everywhere. Several instances cited below shows the obviousness of the monopoly : either FB or no interaction seems to be the ultimate aim of FB
Conquering Instagram
The photo sharing app was taken over by Facebook for a whooping 1billion $. I would replace the term taken over by "conquered". Instagram was in direct competition with FB over photo sharing. Guess what could have happened to FB, if all of them out in the cyber world connected their social pictures through Instagram; the FB's relevance would be in jeopardy. So FB had two options either compete or conquer. And finally it choose the later. And then comes the ugly face of monopolisation. The twitter viewing option was removed. And you get it right. Instagram your photos through FB. That's it.
Winning over what's app
The what's app is setting unprecedented record in number of messages exchanged which is kissing billions in a single day. Alas!!! the smart people are interacting here outside FB in their smartphones. And here comes the bid to take over the what's app messenger by FB. But wait, the negotiations did not go anywhere. And finally we have Facebook messenger similar to the features offered by what's app.
Stealing from the Snapchat
Snapchat let users to share their personal stuffs only for a moment. User controls the time the recipient can view the message sent. And more precisely this app is a hit among young netizens. The Facebook integration provided by snapchat is meagre and so are the percentage of users opting for it. And finally FB comes out of a similar feature called FB poke.
P.S : Years ago, poking into someone else business was considered a shabby thing. Now it's a billion dollar business. And finally FB wants a monopoly on this poking business to nurture its further dreams.

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