Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New windows 8 interface: Go or No Go

Windows 8 operating system developed for personal computers is dynamic and charming. Its highlight is user interface with new start screen based on Microsoft’s metro design language. Presence of Live tiles is an attractive feature on Start screen. Live tiles include weather, mail, news, finance, travel apps etc. These tiles are regularly streaming the data. Bundle of apps from windows store definitely add up to the elegant start screen. Users can pin additional apps to start screen, which helps to launch desired apps quickly. Apps are in various categories: business, health, lifestyle, education and so on.  Left edge of the screen displays thumbnails of open apps. Menu bar termed as windows charm is another feature, present on the right side of screen that contains common system commands like settings, device, search etc. There are many vibrant patterns that can be applied to top and bottom of start screen. Windows explorer is renamed to File explorer, that contains ribbon with frequently used commands on it. The new windows definitely has very good things at offer. There is always some resistance for new things in the beginning and the Windows 8 is not insulated from such distractions. The confusion that prevails around the multiple tiles and new commands to move around will make some customers like the old windows interface. But tiles seems like the future of the Windows OS. Everyone wants to stay connected in this era, the ever updating tiles are the best way to do so. 

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