Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Holi Unhappy Statistics !!!

Flipping through the pages of morning newspaper "The Hindu", came across a piece of info on economics of Holi.
Year on year
The market for Holi accessories grew from 12,000 to 15,000 crores.
But the Chinese dominance in the market also grew, from 80% to 95%.
The creeping about the foreign products flooding the market might be an overreaction in this globalised world. But the reason for this domination points to the inefficient policy of our system. We are losing to China not because they are cheap, but because they have made headways in innovation in these accessories. The innovative mindset is not there in our thinking. This will hurt a long way. We are bound to loose many sectors to other countries. The thinking must change for a better economy.


Anonymous said...

Chinese !! rapidly evolving species one earth! at present no country even u.s cannot compete with them, leave abt us! . . whatever unhappy happening is bcos of our bloody politicians, who changing public policies to their own benefits, .accor to me VOTERS are main culprits for sorrows of our nations, always running behind cast, creed ,money , bla bla bla.;)... myalari here

Nishith Reval said...

Collective responsibility.... Well said and almost true....

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