Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Solution : The green tinge in iPad screen !!!

Green/red tinge of iPad screen
The tinge of this kind could be the result of a fall or a blow to iPad. And what is the solution? Going to the nearest service center? There is a quickfix to this problem but with some harsh risks.
Bang your iPad
Bang!!! Ya I spelled it right, bang it a bit harsh on the back of the screen. Try all the corners. Someone posted bottom right corner but which bang and which edge will ensure return to normalcy is a bit hard guess. Do not bang it hard enough so that it goes to a irreparable stage.
Bang - Display 
So how does a bang help in this case? Simple. Because these tinges are due to loose connections of display cables. And you know what a bang can do to these loose ones? 
iPad is like a baby : bang it ???
If iPad is your baby, then the tinges are just an irrational behavior and a bang on your baby is just enough to set it.

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