Saturday, May 18, 2013

Yahoo targets tumbler!!!

"Yahoo inching closer to seal the 1.1 billion $ deal with tumbler"
'Tumbler might be terming the offer too low"
Yahoo is eager to take over the tumbler. The deal is somewhere around the corner but the exact valuation may see a northward moments. The 1 billion $ deal of Instagram might have made the tumbler toddlers to think twice on the current offer.
Tumbler implies teens 
Yahoo is growing old and it desperately needs a fresh infusion of freshness. Tumbler with its wide userbase among teenagers is the perfect recipe for tumbler. Yahoo has thrown its hat in the ring and with a lock in agreement in place, it is more or less going Yahoo way. The final value of the deal is expected shortly. Now Yahoo can proclaim  "Yahoo!!! I am becoming younger" 

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