Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hotdog: Its real name!!!!

Hotdog is one of the famous, delicious, but most misunderstood food .The popularity of hotdog has been spread across the world over the years and has turn into icon of countries like United States. Hotdog has gained much popularity due to its association with sports especially baseball.  In the  United States of America July is celebrated as National Hot Dog Month .They have also established National Hotdog & Sausage Council that conducts scientific research on hot dog and sausage so that manufacturers and  consumers are benefited.  

Hotdog is fully cooked sausage in a sliced bun. It may be garnished with mustard, ketchup, onions, mayonnaise etc. The main ingredients of Hotdog include meat trimming pork, beef, chicken or turkey. Along with that salt, garlic, preservatives like sodium nitrate are also added to hotdog. Hotdog is also called as frankfurter, wienie, wiener, dog, red hot etc.

The story behind the origin of the name “Hotdog” seems interesting. Long back Frankfurt butchers prepared long, thin sausage and named it "frankfurter”. But this sausage looked like long, thin dog dachshund and some started calling it “dachshund sausage”. Later dachshund sausage was introduced to United States by German immigrants. As this sausage become popular someone introduced the idea of putting sausage into warm bun and topping it with condiment. Eventually people became crazy about dachshund sausages. Sausage sellers were selling dachshund sausage shouting “Get your dachshund sausages while they're red hot!".  New York Times cartoonist T.A. Dargan got an idea to depict it in cartoon but he was not sure how to spell "dachshund” and he simply wrote "hot dog!" Thus “hot dog” was coined.

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