Tuesday, June 11, 2013

iOS 7 features

Taunted as the best thing to happen to iOS after iPhone. The features announced in WWDC as follows.
  • Lock screen : New animations, notification centre
  • Weather : Application overhaul with beautiful animations
  • Calendar: simplified, flat and colourful
  • Messages : simplified and turned to blue
  • Folders : Multiple pages in folders
  • Game centre : Ungreened multiple coloured game centre
  • Mail : full screen and with many swipe functionality
  • Control centre : swiping up gets you to the shortcuts
  • Multitasking : Automatic updates, preview of apps and more
  • Safari : new icon, full screen, unified search and website bar, unlimited tabs with new design
  • Airdrop : Share with any apple device with maximum speed
  • Camera : Photo filters
  • Photos app : detailed organisation with location, time ; shared photo streams
  • Siri : New interface, new voices both male and female, more functionality.
  • iOS in car : better integration with screen in car
  • App store : New design, popular apps near the location, automatic updates
  • Music : Simplified interface and integration into iCloud
  • iTunes radio : customised radio with loads of stations
  • Activation lock : activation code making it impossible to reuse the iPhone

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