Thursday, June 13, 2013

Namodification ya Na-modification

The poster by a Narendra Modi supporter group highlighted that (Na)modification is required for a prosperous country along with his recent slogan "Ek bharath, shresht bharath"(one India, best India).
The anointment of Narendra Modi as a chief for election committee came after huge drama in Goa, in the absence of Advani and his supporters. The drama still unfolded after the Goa conclave with Advani resigning all posts in BJP but holding on to NDA chairman(perhaps to indicate his efficiency in forging alliances), only to be rebuked by parliamentary board and RSS, which made him to return to the party.
Namodification : The best script 
The best bet for BJP is to project NaMo as a prime ministerial candidate with an extensive and united campaign for a pro-developmental, non-corrupt governance style akin to Modi. But even after this, the BJP might have to sit with cross fingers till results and then bargain hard with allies in case it emerges as a single largest party and with 200 plus seats tmodi as prime minister.
Na-modification  : A lost plot
The biggest challenge for Modi is now inside his party. The sulking Advani might prove to be too costly to handle for a party which is yet to make any impact in more than one third constituencies(Northeastern states, West Bengal, southern states except Karnataka). The faction ridden party might also send confusing signals to voter, who in case might have been lured by modification theme. 
Is the BJP with the best script of Namodification ruining itself into a worst and lost plot of Na-modification? Only the time will confirm this.

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