Friday, July 26, 2013

Facebook's 1$ delivery system !!!

Facebook has gone to all corners to monetize its social networking capabilities. The 1$ delivery scheme is one of them. The Facebook messages has an inbox where all the messages sent by the friends get delivered. The messages delivered to one who is not friend of yours will go directly to this "other" folder. I hope it's a gentle way of calling spam : others!!!

Pay a $ for slipping from other's to inbox.
The Facebook allows users to overcome this other folder by offering a single $ offer for posting messages directly to inbox even if you are not a friend. The 1$ delivery system seems an innovative idea to monetize, but is a bit intrusive also. Its just like
  • I know Facebook 
  • X knows Facebook
  • X pays 1$ for Facebook to introduce to yourself 
The offer has failed to make a dent and is nowhere near to become a viral thing. In the meantime, some die hard iTunes fans complained that it is costly as it is priced a cent north of what iTunes charged for a song.

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