Saturday, July 27, 2013

Planning Commission, Politics & Poverty

A journalist interviewing a politician on occasion of recent poverty definition debacle by Planning commission
J: Don't you think the poverty limit is too low for an average family to feed themselves ?
P: I don't think so, see we provide them food at subsidized rate and now we have a food security bill which provides them the right to food.
J: And what about housing ?
P:No need to worry on that front. Free housing is being provided. The homeless people, I bet won't spend much on housing. India is a vast country and many of them use public places. So this is another form of subsidy for social security.
J:Oops !!! Food, housing is perfect ! But what about entertainment?
P: So what do you think; we and planning commission are providing them!!!

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Arjun said...

Ha ha ha... the sad truth...

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