Wednesday, July 31, 2013

World Cup 2015 : Indian schedule starts with a high.

The 2015 cricket World Cup scheduled in Australian continent has thrown up a big game as an opening match. The opening India versus Pakistan at Adelaide is scheduled on February 15.
Bowls out the Super Bowl audience
The total audience for this particular match might well be north of a billion number. This eventually means the audience will be around 10 times more than the Super Bowl audience. The high fevered game will be watched keenly by almost all from these two countries providing a perfect platform for the beginning of the series.

Adelaide : history repeats

India faced Pakistan for the first time in World Cup at the same venue. Though India won the match, Pakistan went on to lift the World Cup. Subsequently, they have met again in World Cups, but Pakistan has never defeated India in a World Cup. The first match of 2015 World Cup would be interesting to see whether the history repeats in the same direction or not.

Indian schedule for 2015 World Cup

* India vs Pakistan at Adelaide : February 15

* India vs South Africa at Melbourne : February 22

* India vs Qualifier 4 at Perth : February 28

* India vs West Indies at Perth : March 6

* India vs Ireland at Hamilton : March 10

* India vs Zimbabwe at Auckland : March 14

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