Friday, August 23, 2013

Nokia's potshots at Apple and others

The new add from Nokia highlights its unique 41 megapixel camera in Lumia 1020 model. The camera out in this device, arguably is the best on a smartphone in the market as of today. But will the consumer make a mind for a dent in his pocket to offer for Lumia 1020 which really has a bump in its back for accommodating hefty 41 megapixel camera.

Grow up windows for fighting
The windows 8 offering for mobile devices has still a long way to go if it has to really challenge its opponents really rather in the adds. The lack of apps adds up for the misery of stability issues in these devices. Apps are the new buzz word which is ruling the smartphone industry. Apps are what consumers are attached to . Take an example for Lumia 1020,  Windows 8 still lacks basic apps like Instagram. If that is the case, the user is devoid of opportunity to share on that platform easily even after taking best pictures from a smartphone.

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